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فو - آلبوم رادیکال شاهین نجفی

Fou (Album Radikal)
‫‏آلبوم رادیکال شاهین نجفی
Fou (Album Radikal)
Lyrics: Shahin Najafi
Music: Majid kazemi
Cover Art: Ali Baghban
Video: Shahin Najafi
Camera: Till Vielrose
Performance: Diaco Artan & Solmaz Vakilpour
Special thanks to Till Schauder

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اونقدر قلبم قبره كه راز تو توش دفن
نفس حبس و ترس ممتد هست پس
تو تنهايياتو بزار رو دوش من
صداى تو لالايى ميشه تو گوش من
تو شاهد شب و تب و تاب منى
تو شب نارفيقى تو مهتاب منى
كدوم ليلی مثل تو مجنون بود
مجنون تويى ، تويى علت وجود
تو اون كوهى كه باد به تو تكيه كرد
با اسم تو تفسير شده واژه مرد
قد قامت صلاة اگه رو لبمه
به حرمت حضور تو بى واهمه


FOU (Majnun) - Album Radikal
My heart is so grave that your secret is buried in it
The breath is held and the fear is constant so
You; place your loneliness on my shoulder
Your voice becomes lullaby in my ears
You are the witness of my night and my ardor
In the night of betrayal, you are my moonlight
Which Leyli was as possessed by madness/love (Majnun) as you?
You are the possessed by madness/love (Majnun); you are the reason for existence
You are that mountain that the wind leaned to
With your name the word “man” is interpreted
If Qad Qāmat Aṣ-Ṣalāh* is on my lips
For the honor of your presence, undaunted

*Qad Qāmat Aṣ-Ṣalāh: Prayer has started