تیر ۳۰، ۱۳۹۳

احمد شاملو

Ahamad Shamou

Ahmad Shamlou
He was not a hero. He was a beautiful giant that the word was polished in his mouth. He didn’t have a gun, but his word was a sword. He wasn’t moderate, tepid or modest temper. The truth of his speech was not sacrificed by his personal benefits, and he didn’t beg his rights from any statesman. He lived in such a way that was worthy of human.
- Shahin Najafi

In your rebuke we bloom
in your haste
In your book we bloom
in defense of your smile
that is certitude and belief.
The sea envies the sip that you took from the well.
- Ahmad Shamlou


احمد شاملو
او قهرمان نبود.غول زيبايى بود كه كلمه در دهانش صيقل خورد. تفنگ نداشت. اما كلامش شمشير بود. او معتدل و ولرم و ميانمايه نبود. حقيقت گفتارش فداى مصالح و منافع شخصى اش نشد و حق خويش را از هيچ دولتمردى گدايى نكرد. او آنچنان زيست كه شايسته ى انسان بود. ش.ن

ما در عتاب تو
می شکوفیم
در شتابت
ما در کتاب تو می شکوفیم
در دفاع از لبخند تو
که یقین است و باور است
دریا به جرعه یی که تواز چاه خورده ای حسادت می کند
 احمد شاملو