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مصاحبه ناديا ابوشعبان با بى بى سى

BBC's Interview with Nadia AbuShaban

She says that she has lost her hope in humanity and she says it in such a sad and horrific way that reminds one of the bewildered eyes of a child facing rubbles and bomb and shrapnel and blood. The BBC host is trained to censor Israel’s crimes with tricks and fraud in the question designs; but apparently continuing the interview with Nadia’s final sentences was not in favor of Britain’s neutral and truthful media!!! Nadia AbuShaban: I say to the world that Israel is an occupying force and this is our land. Last night BBC was showing that Hamas was hitting its rackets to our own houses by mistake! Do you get your news from Israel Defense Forces?!!! By the way, what news do you have of Kobani dear BBBBC?!!!

BBC's Interview with Nadia AbuShaban
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مى گويد اميدش به انسانيت را از دست داده است و آنقدر غم انگيز و ترسناك مى گويد كه آدم را ياد چشمان حيرت زده ى كودكى در برابر آوار و بمب و تركش و خون مى اندازد. ه
مجرى بى بى سى آموزش ديده است با ترفند و تقلب در شكل سوال ،جنايت اسرائيل را تحريف... كند . اما گويا با جملات پايانى ناديا ادامه گفتگو به صلاح رسانه ى بى طرف و راستگو ى !!! انگلستان نبود. ه
ناديا ابوشعبان :من به دنيا ميگم كه اسرائيل يك نيروى اشغالگره و اين زمين ماست .ديشب بى بى سى نشون مى داد كه حماس اشتباهى راكت هاشو به خونه هاى خود ما مى زد! آيا شما اخبارتون و از نيروى دفاعى اسرائيل مى گيرين؟!!! ه
راستى از كوبانى چه خبر دارى بى بى بى بى سى جان؟!!! ه