خرداد ۲۹، ۱۳۹۳

ما نیامده ایم که تاییدگر باشیم

We haven’t come to be validators. We are a denial line over what they have embedded in our brains. Whilst before you criticized us, we had already crucified ourselves, it means that, dear you have arrived late. Neither I have belief in that honor, morality, chastity, prudency and dignity that you talk about nor am I after the revival of your traditional-religious corpses. You have no way except to either accept or refuse and in neither ways they have put a blade on your throat. You have the right not to be my validator and you know that it doesn’t have the slightest bit of influence in my path. You even have the right to deliver back to us with curses and profanity whatever has made complexes in your heart. You are free and if you only understand this I will pray for you to a God that I do not know.
Shahin Najafi